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When was the last time you prepared an actual home-cooked meal (not heating up a frozen meal in the microwave or restaurant leftovers)?

Despite the popularity of cooking shows and competitions on television, celebrity cookbooks, and the availability of recipes on the internet, fewer people are spending time in their kitchens actually cooking. Many don't want to take the time, or they think it's too expensive to cook healthy at home. However, that is simply not the case, and I am going to prove that to you in this FREE course.

In this FREE course, you will learn how to:

  • Save money on your grocery bill to make cooking at home more cost-effective.
  • Cook healthy meals using cooking methods that do not involve a lot of time or cost.
  • Make simple, healthy ingredient substitutions in your favorite recipes.

PLUS... you will also get:

  • The Food Cop's Food Shopping Pocket Guide - a handy tool that contains easy-to-read information about exactly what information to look for on food labels when food shopping.
  • The Food Cop's Healthy Living Toolkit - resources for living a healthier lifestyle, including shopping guides, checklists, and e-books

Registered Dietetic Technician

Corinne Kantor, DTR, CLT

The Food Cop is owned by Corinne Kantor, a Registered Dietetic Technician, Certified LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) Therapist, Certified U.S. Diabetes Conversation Map Facilitator, and award-winning writer. She has been featured in numerous publications, including U.S. News & World Report, Parenting OC magazine, and the Orange County Register.Through her personal/work experiences and education, she has learned that nutrition is a lifestyle and a science, not simply various diets and myths that one can experiment with. It is her goal to educate people of all ages about the importance of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, and to assist those who need to and/or want to make this lifestyle change.Corinne has undergraduate degrees in Dietetics and Journalism. She has served as the dietary supervisor at a long term care/skilled nursing facility and also has experience working in the nutrition department at acute care hospitals. Her writing awards have been in the field of technical writing from the Society for Technical Communication.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Healthy Cooking on a Budget

    • Time to Get Cooking

  • 2

    Food Shopping

    • Saving Money on Your Grocery Bill

    • Grow Your Own Food

    • Farmers Market Shopping Tips

    • Healthy Ingredient Substitutes

  • 3

    Healthy Cooking

    • Healthy Home Cooking Methods

    • Healthy Home Cooking Tips

    • Simple Marinades and Vinaigrettes

  • 4


    • (Download) Food Shopping Pocket Guide

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